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​​Hello.  I'm the KIM in KIMBAA.  What's up with the BAA?  That's where San Francisco comes in, truly one of my favorite cities.  KIMBAA was started in San Francisco with me, some woolly sheepy yarn, and lots and lots of fun with felting.  KIMBAA San Francisco was all about colorful and warm felted wool hats. These hats were fun and unique and truly one-of-a-kind.

And then I moved to tropical Kailua, Hawaii, on the Windward side of Oahu.  Truly a beach-lover's paradise. But no need for warm wooly hats here, braddah.  Now what?  I NEED TO DO SOMETHING CREATIVE!  I looked around and saw a lot of plain bags at the beach.  Now there is nothing wrong with plain, but if you're going somewhere, why not have some fun getting there?  KIMBAA Kailua is all about fun-fun-funky drawstring backpacks (kimbaags)!


Kimbaags mirror my philosophy on life:  Everyone is different, and that makes us great.  I like stripes.  Dave likes paisley.  Niko likes Kermit The Frog.  Yay, there is a kimbaag for everyone, and for everyone a kimbaag!


Enoy the journey.




Have a great day!

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